[cml_media_alt id='44']Chiesa di San Giorgio[/cml_media_alt]Dating back to the early IX century, the Church of Saint George, once located inside the Convent of the Benedictine Sisters, is now home to the barracks of the Carabinieri and the Guardia di Finanza.

The Church, a splendid example of Baroque style, is covered with wall and canvas paintings, many of which can be attributed to Angelo Solimena, author of the cycle of the Passion located in the vault of the Cantoria.

Of great importance are the Virgin and Child with Saints by Andrea Sabatini, the Holy Family with Young Saint John and the Vision of Saint Nicholas of Bari by Giacinto De Populi, the three wall panels depicting Saints Tecla, Archela and Susanna led to martyrdom and the Vision of Sister Agliata by Francesco Solimena.

Via Duomo, 19

Visiting hours
Open Monday to Sunday from 09.30 to 12.30.
For further information: +39 089/228918