[cml_media_alt id='2538']Presentazione Audioguida Salerno Convention Bureau[/cml_media_alt]10 years of Salerno Convention Bureau: the presentation of the audio guide of the city’s cultural heritage created with izi.TRAVEL to celebrate the tenth anniversary

Salerno Convention Bureau, currently a product club, celebrates 10 years: in fact, it was established in July 2006 as a non-profit consortium by 10 prestigious companies with a workforce of over 500 employees (Arti Grafiche Boccia SpA, Buonotourist srl, Eikòn srl , Eurobooking Kudi Kudi srl, Real Estate Overview Hotel Management Grand Hotel and Jolly Hotel, Leader sas, Pixel sas, Soglia Service Management Lloyd’s Baia Hotel, Tremil srl) with the aim of promoting Salerno as event destination.

[cml_media_alt id='2539']Presentazione Audioguida Salerno Convention Bureau[/cml_media_alt]To celebrate the tenth anniversary in the best possible way and to make a significant contribution to the promotion of the city, SCB intended to create an audio guide in Italian and English on the izi.TRAVEL platform and with the collaboration of ZON, which was presented this morning at the “Pier Paolo Pasolini” Hall. The presentation, coordinated by Ugo Picarelli Founder of Salerno Convention Bureau, was attended by Ermanno Guerra Councilor for Culture, University and Tourism and Ginevra Niccolucci Head of izi.TRAVEL Italy.

The audio guide is offered free of charge to the Municipality of Salerno, in order to determine an opportunity to enhance the main cultural sites of the city: Cathedral, Church of Saint George, Arechi Castle, Verdi Theater, Museum of Ceramics, Garden of Minerva, Archaeological Area of ​​Fratte , Provincial Picture Gallery, Diocesan Museum, Archaeological Museum, Church of Saint Peter at Court.

“Salerno has become a tourist city of national importance and the great interest it collects – said Councilor Ermanno Guerra – requires us to equip it with all the most advanced tourist tools, to allow our guests the best use of the city, of the cultural heritage and of our initiatives. The administration wants to keep up with the times and have the ability to absorb everything that research and new technological frontiers make available, always for the benefit of our guests “.

Ugo Picarelli: “The city of Salerno, now with a nationally recognized tourist approach, deserves a much more pronounced identity in the context of the congress sector: all of this can only translate into the creation of a congress and exhibition centre suitable for the city, not therefore a cathedral in the desert. An investment in this sense by the municipal administration would be important to intercept the congressional demand, increasingly ready to identify and choose new destinations that can present a rich offer in the territorial context: landscape, culture, food and wine, pleasantness of living the city and everyday life in a peaceful and serene environment, just like the city of Salerno “.

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izi.TRAVEL, born in Holland with the aim of allowing travelers from all over the world to explore cities and cultural sites easily and free of charge, currently collects over 700 museum audio guides and more than 1800 city audio tours in 500 destinations worldwide. Listening can take place directly online or by downloading the content in advance to listen to the stories offline. The app also allows a direct connection to their social network profiles, thus allowing easy sharing of audio guides and, consequently, greater enhancement of the tourist destination. Salerno Convention Bureau therefore proves to be at the forefront of knowledge of new technologies and chooses a free platform for the promotion of the city, with almost 2 million users, which offers tourists and citizens an app for all smartphones and tablets. All tours are accessible from the website (www.izi.travel) and from the izi.TRAVEL app, which has reached almost 2000 downloads, available on the App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone.

SCB continues to represent the guarantor of the quality of the service offer for those who wish to organize an event in the city with the creation of a dedicated site in Italian and English (www.salernoconventionbureau.it), with constant activity that is articulated with the participation in congress fairs, with the promotion to the potential demand represented by universities, scientific societies, enterprises.

[cml_media_alt id='2537']Presentazione Audioguida Salerno Convention Bureau[/cml_media_alt]Furthermore, in order to give congressmen the opportunity to get to better know the city in its monuments and in its most remote corners, in collaboration with the protagonists of trade and catering, the Salerno Card has been created since the early years, a leaflet complete with useful numbers and references to cultural heritage, distributed free of charge to those staying in city hotels.