[cml_media_alt id='1891']Cinema Teatro Diana[/cml_media_alt]The total functional and architectural rearrangement of the structure made it possible to create a hall equipped for multimedia events. Fourteen projectors, a maxi screen and a 180-seats fully retractable grandstand allow multiple use with an extraordinary and engaging multisensory experience. The former “Cinema Teatro Diana” also represents a place of artistic production, which enriches the cultural offer of the city.

The central hall has been delimited with fixed panels, movable walls and sheets; in this way this space can assume different conformations in relation to the activities to be hosted. The system of 14 projectors allows the projection of videos and images on all fixed and mobile walls; the grandstand with retractable steps and reclining armchairs makes it possible to have the entire surface of the room or rather to accommodate 180 spectators; the fixtures supporting the projectors allow to easily set up theatrical, exhibition and conference activities; the air conditioning and safety systems installed ensure great comfort.

The Hall is accessed from the front facing the avenues of Lungomare Trieste.