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The “Terme Campione” park takes its name from an ancient spa establishment that stood in the area, close to the Lungoirno road, nearing completion, and from the Judicial Citadel, in progress.
It is commonly called “Pinocchio Park” due to the presence of a bronze statue of Pinocchio, created by the artist Antonio Petti.

The main entrance is highlighted by a monumental fountain, a wisteria pergola, palm trees and an artistic lighting system.
The park develops along a main avenue from which all the secondary paths branch off, giving access to the lawn and to the area for free activities.

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The Pinocchio Park features a playground area equipped for children. A large amphitheater, built in the center of the green oasis, hosts events and entertainment activities for children.

In the center a small square with a fountain was built; adjacent to the “G. Costa” school instead, a wooden pergola and a new enclosure wall were erected for kids’ safety.

A building with an architecture perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment houses the dining area, toilets and a multipurpose room for various activities.

The management of the Park is entrusted to Salerno Solidale company, which is particularly attentive to the needs of children, elderly and disabled. The company organizes initiatives for Christmas, Carnival, Easter and during the summer. Moments of celebration and aggregation are also scheduled for the arrival of spring and Mother’s Day.

Neighborhood: Terme Campione
Entrances: Piazza Montpellier – Lungoirno

Opening hours
from October to April from 8.00 to 20.00; from May to September until 23.00