The inaugural ceremony of the Maritime Station of Zaha Hadid took place at the Manfredi Dock of the Commercial Port of Salerno on Monday, April 25th, 2016.
“The Maritime Station will make Salerno even more visible at an international level – said Mayor Vincenzo Napoli – It will be in sector magazines and in the international press for its excellence, for its ability to be a city administered with wisdom and foresight and that, therefore, presents itself on the international scene for its qualities. The work of the late Zaha Hadid crowns a hypothesis of the sea front. The port will be subject to further interventions with the expansion of the landing point and ecological interventions.
The architectural work that is inaugurated today will be absolutely functional and useful for the hypothesis of a tourist city that the Governor Vincenzo De Luca has prefigured over the years and which increasingly comes to a concrete possibility of completion. President Matteo Renzi, who honored us yesterday with his presence, gave credit to a capacity that saw Vincenzo De Luca as a fundamental player, in a hypothesis of an average city, emblem of a South that works, that rolls up its sleeves and tries to work all-around for the development of the city, but above all of Italy.

“I am really proud to participate in this inauguration in Salerno – said Patrik Schumacher Partner of Zaha Hadi Architects – which also represents a tribute to the memory of Zaha Hadid, who passed away three weeks ago and who, I know, would have liked to be here with us. She would be proud to see all these people here today to celebrate the inauguration of a project we are very proud of. I want to thank the city of Salerno who, before our studio became famous, had wanted this project by Zaha Hadid. This is a very important project for us. On this occasion, allow me to express my heartfelt thanks to the President of the Region Vincenzo De Luca, for having supported it. I also want to thank the Mayor of Salerno Vincenzo Napoli and Paola Cattarin who followed the project. This is an innovative work of extraordinary beauty”.

Source: Municipality of Salerno