The Monumental Complex of Saint Peter at Court is the most important Lombard foundation in the city. The monumental remains are configured as one of the main architectural documents of medieval Salerno and among the documents of Lombard architecture present in Europe, they constitute a unique example of a palace building. It was the most prestigious seat of the Lombard princely court in Campania.

The structure was built thanks to the Duke of Benevento, Arechi II who in 774, after the defeat of the Northern Lombards by Charlemagne, assuming the title of Princeps gentis langobardorum, moved for political and strategic reasons his residence from that city, then the capital of the duchy, to Salerno, building a magnificent palatium. Regarding the structure, the large pillars of the upper hall (hall of representation) rest on the frigidarium of a thermal complex of the imperial age (late I – early II century AD), later reused as a burial ground by the Christian communities of Salerno where they were important public figures of the time (vir spectabilis) are buried.

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From above, there was access to a large room that must have corresponded to the hall of representation with an adjoining Palatine chapel. In the following centuries (year 1567) the hall was modified by the commendatory abbot, Decio Caracciolo, who added the current access staircase, visible from the entrance of Largo Antica Corte. A chapel dedicated to the Marian cult was created between the XIII and XVI century. Among its various uses, it was also one of the seats of the Medical School of Salerno. In the future, once the restoration has been completed, it will be the seat of the museum of the Southern Lombard civilization. The monumental complex of Saint Peter at Court is currently managed by Gruppo Archeologico Salernitano.

Largo Antica Corte – corner via Canali

Orario per i visitatori
Il Complesso rientra nel progetto del Comune di Salerno “Monumenti sempre aperti” ed è aperto tutto l’anno (ingresso libero) dal martedì alla domenica dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 13.00 e il lunedì dalle ore 15.00 alle ore 18.00
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Timetable for visitors
The complex is part of the project of the Municipality of Salerno “Monuments always open” and it is open all year (free admission) from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 13.00 and on Mondays from 15.00 to 18.00
For information and reservations for groups and schools, guided tours: Gruppo Archeologico Salernitano.
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