[cml_media_alt id='119']Museo Alfonso Tafuri[/cml_media_alt]It is a collection of hand-painted terracotta tiles (“riggiole”) from the Neapolitan XVIII century and the XIX century in Vietri, work tools from the XIII century and Vietri ceramics.
Also on display there are mugs, jars, plates and other locally made ceramics objects. It is possible to admire examples of Vietri pottery from the 19th century and from the production of Giffoni Valle Piana and Cerreto Sannita. The pieces of the German period are represented by artists who worked in Vietri in the years 1920-1947: Riccardo Doelker, Irene Kowalisca, Guido Gambone, Giovannino Carraro.

Largo Cassavecchia, 11

Visiting houres
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10.00 to 12.30
For further information: +39 089/227782